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Our hearts beat for the families of our fallen heroes...Does yours?

“Our hearts beat for the families of our fallen heroes… Does yours?”

As Student Doctors, we feel strongly in paying tribute to the families of our brave NHS doctors who have sacrificed their lives in their selfless service to our nation and we hope you will join us by contributing to our cause.

The BIDA Student Wing would like to take this opportunity to give back to our community and to accomplish this, we are thrilled announce the launch of our student-led Fundraiser to help support the families of UK doctors who have died fighting on the frontline during the second wave of the COVID 19 pandemic.

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Established in 1975, the British International Doctors Association (BIDA) is the OLDEST organisation representing the voice of international doctors in the United Kingdom.


The recently launched BIDA Student Wing is the FIRST organisation representing International Medical Students in the UK

There is clear evidence demonstrating a disproportionate number of COVID -19 deaths in the UK among individuals of the BAME community (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic). This is more apparent among healthcare workers in our NHS. 


While 21% of all NHS healthcare workers are BAME,

63% of frontline COVID-19 deaths were from the BAME community.


Sadly, these figures are EVEN MORE pronounced in the medical doctor community where 

44% of NHS doctors are BAME,

 95% of Doctor deaths were BAME individuals!

Whether COVID-19 discriminates based on race is uncertain, we will not make that distinction with regards to our proceeds and we intend to donate the money raised to the families of BAME & non-BAME doctors who sadly died fighting on the frontline during the Second wave of the pandemic

Want to contribute?

'Beauty in Diversity'

In addition to collecting donations on our JustGiving webpage, we are launching the 'BIDA SW Creative Philanthropy' initiative.


The theme of our art competition is

'Beauty in Diversity'

Students from all disciplines of study, across the UK are invited to participate in this competition. They are requested to submit BAME related artwork - Illustrations or photographs which represent the theme - 'Beauty in Diversity'.

Submissions will be judged by a panel of 3 prominent members of the British art community.


There is no entrance fee but a small donation is encouraged (£5).

Prizes for the winning artwork will be


1st Place  -  £150 Amazon Gift Voucher

2nd Place - £100 Amazon Gift Voucher

3rd Place -  £50 Amazon Gift Voucher


The artwork we receive will be sold by auction to doctors from our parent BIDA network to be displayed in their GP Surgeries and NHS trusts and the proceeds will be added to our fundraiser.


We hope this initiative will further raise the profile of BAME themed artwork and increase its presence in healthcare institutions across the UK.

Submissions & Contact:

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