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The British International Doctors Association (BIDA) was established in 1975 with the sole objective of promoting EQUALITY and FAIRNESS for all doctors working in the UK.

BIDA's mission is to achieve equal treatment of all doctors based on their competence and merit irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or country of origin.

The BIDA Student Wing was formed with the purpose of extending these values to the international student doctor community which represents the medical practitioners of the future.


Learn, Advocate & Inspire

BIDA Student Wing offers its members a wide range of opportunities and resources to discover fresh areas of interest, further explore existing activities they are passionate about, and continuously support them on their journey as a student doctor. Some of our programs are listed below.

  • Sign up to our unique 'Mentorship Programme' where you will be assigned a senior mentor from the parent BIDA organisation

  • Talks by Junior doctors on exam revision material, the Foundation Year Program (FYP) Application process and more

  • Talks by specialist doctors on career development and how to improve your chances of being selected for specialist medical/surgical training programs after graduation

  • Access to Mock OSCE workshops with experienced examiners where you can receive feedback and discuss your results

  • Opportunities to present your own research/publications at the annual BIDA conference

  • Take part in surgical suturing & academic writing workshops

  • Wide variety of opportunities in getting published with our peer-reviewed BIDA Journal


And much more...


BIDA Chairman's Message

Dear Medical Students,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our medical student’s wing of the British International Doctor’s Association (BIDA). BIDA was established in 1975 with the vision of achieving equality and justice for all doctors in NHS. We have a number of divisions
across the country that meet regularly to discuss and address issues regarding the international medical fraternity of the United Kingdom.

BIDA has been at the forefront of supporting international doctors in various campaigns. We have supported a number of doctors with regulatory issues, mentoring and career advice. We have been working with many like-minded organisations including the BMA, Doctors Association UK, and many others in actively addressing issues during the current COVID pandemic.


We regularly contact various government ministers and highlight doctors’ issues and offer solutions. We also regularly work with stakeholders of the UK healthcare system including the GMC, CQC, and Royal Colleges on a variety of issues.

I am thankful to Sai Pillarisetti, who has led with our support to start this student wing of our organisation. Through the student wing, we plan to offer mentorship and guidance to all student members and have many very experienced mentors, both in hospitals and in general practice, who are keen to support and guide medical students and help shape the new generation of the medical fraternity.


BIDA Student Wing is also planning to start regular training sessions in preparation for medical school exams and will provide career guidance and mentorship programs.

As medical students, you are the future of our profession, and our NHS, BIDA is keen to support you in any way possible. We are currently offering the student membership for free and only pay half the full membership fee once you are qualified and join as a
junior doctor in a few years time.

I hope to see you all as our members soon.


Best of luck in your careers.

Dr.Chandra Kanneganti
MBBS,FRCGP,DFFP, MSc(Medical leadership)

Chairman, British International Doctors Association

GP, Stoke on Trent

Councillor, Stoke on Trent City Council

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